Recruitment Questionnaire
How would you define your project?
What is your current stage?
Current organisational set up
What is the title(s) of the role(s) you are looking to fill?
Is this a Permanent or Contract/Temporary hire?
If contract, what is estimated length?
Please list key purpose of the position
E.g: Full Stack Engineer for further development of platform. No reports.
Key Skills/Tech Stack
Estimated salary budget for the position?
Any extras, e.g. Bonus, Equity, Tokenised elements
What steps have you taken to hire this role so far?
How urgent is this hire/how quickly do you need the person to start?
Please note this will determine the depth and the quality of search we can perform.
Is there anything else you that would be beneficial to know about the role or company before jumping on a call?
Please share your website, Social Media and any written job description you have
Please share your contact number
Please share your email
Please share your name